About Gizel

About Gizel

Exotic. Gorgeous. Sexy. Adjectives almost any female would want to be described as. But for one, such words are the perfect depiction for when defining this beauty and her measurements tell it all; 5'8' 36DD-27-46.

And what about her personality? Some say confident, others would say addicting.

Whatever the case, Gizel is breaking boundaries and setting new standards on what it means to be desirable and this can't be anymore evident than with her massive fan support which expands the globe. Through every photo shoot accomplished, she is distancing herself further from the pack and making her mark that much more impressionable on the world of modeling which for her, began five years ago.

Growing up in Queens, NY is where it all started for Gizel. Even at an early age, her looks were described as unique due to her domincan rep and brazilian decent. For someone who exudes city girl, some might find it a surprise to know she has a tom boy side to her, opting at times to go dirt bike riding or even skyping. Her tenacity for being bold and adventurous can be attributed to the stars as she epitomizes her Leo tendencies. Some may label her as living on the edge but she simply explains it as experiencing life and all it has to offer. After all, NYC has been dubbed a city not for the faint heart and this girl is determined, staying motivated whichever way possible.

Having nostalgia for NYC is something the city casts on you, but that doesn't mean trips abroad can't be taken. And from the apparent demand from photographer's elite, she has been anything short in visiting foreign lands. Parallel to her presence are the places she frequents. Two of Gizel's favorites include the romance stricken cities of London and Paris. But even more impressive than her travel itinerary is her interest in the arts and the relevance she places on it. She is currently pursuing a fashion career with the intent of one day opening up her own boutique. And the fun doesn't stop here. Many hours after the sun sets and when most are long into their night's sleep, Gizel can be found gracing the stage as the main attraction; dancing the spotlight in some of NYC's hottest nightclubs. With all this activity in her life, you may wonder, what else can she possibly fit into what already seems like a jam-packed 24 hour day? For such a chaotic life, the answer is quite simple.

It's the two things that keep her grounded and humble; family and friends.